Monday, October 27, 2003

Rabbi Letter 

Dear Rabbis, and others. I have continued the human chain . trying as best I can to accommodate all I’ve been told, without stopping. Now, as Shabbos approaches I want to re-invite your participation.

The human chain is this Sunday afternoon, 2:30-3:30. It will extend, likely with gaps in the hand to hand, between the Islamic center and the Jewish center, an act of peace, reaching out with many helpers in between.

At about 2:30 a “runner” messenger will collect at the Jewish center from any Jews gathered there and others, messages, prayers, ideas, “peace offerings” and will go along Stone School and Packard to Temple Beth Emeth, then to Beth Israel and along Washtenaw to Hillel, Jewish Resource Center, and Chabad House
collecting whatever is offered and carrying it across campus, town, the river and up the hill to the Islamic center to offer, to make better connection, in behalf of peace, in the Holy Lands, and here. The message carrier will also collect messages from all along the chain, hopefully helpful for the peace.

Some open committee, or open space will receive all the messages. Similarly a message carrier will leave from the Islamic center and carry and collect messages along the way to bring to the Jewish community. Some open committee or space will receive whatever is offered and we, hopefully including you, will look at whatever is offered and see what we see.

I hope in the future we have some kind of “coalition” with procedures to do things like this, rather than rely on ad hoc imperfect action like now. In any case, many people have been touched by the image of the human chain for peace and I hope you all also will participate

This is not sponsored by the Jewish center or the Islamic center.

The form of the message is what could be in an envelop, (or a book or tape)

Peace in the world requires peace among the world religions.

The human chain is an opportunity offered to address peace in its different dimensions,

It is an opportunity for you to express yourself, if you wish, in words, or an offering. The last words of the Simah Torah reading are “and peace offerings” It seems in this connection an offering in the direction of Islam, Palestinians, Arabs and Middle Easterners here would be appropriate.

What will come of this I don’t know. It is intended to open discussion. I do want to bring the perspectives of the “peace camp” inside the synagogue and communal consideration, those working on the ground for cooperation and coexistence.

The human chain touches some positive aspiration in the town, it is the talk of the town. Why is the “official community so reticent?

Rather than hiding in a holiday, which is how I see the problems of participation, it would be easy for each of the congregations to come out of Chabad, and Hillel, and Beth Israel and Beth Emeth and stand in a line holding the Torah high. This is time to celebrate the torah, It is our guide to peace. Bring it outdoors, Hold it high, it wouldn’t hurt.

At least be prepared to receive a messenger at your door. I hope you will prepare a message, prayer or offering for the messenger to carry.

Shalom, Alan Haber, Eliyahu, 761-7967

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